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Awesome Websites by PEG

Original Website Design and Hosting

If you are ready to have a website to represent your business venture, PEG will work with your team to develop a unique design that suits your purpose. Penelope strives to create the perfect rendering for a range of purpose and intent, providing the clients she represents a smooth experience throughout the process. PEG's designs are all original and don't use a template based service, unless you prefer it. Through creative and innovative skills, she will develop a visual representation of you and/or your company that you can be proud to display for years to come.

Search Engine Optimization—SEO

In the competitive worldwide market, your website can easily get lost in the crowd. SEO is an ongoing process that demands that your website is more and more specific to the individual searches that crowd the internet. PEG's designs will give you a jump on Search Engine Optimization for Google searches.

Responsive Designs

With the changing tides of today's technology, website designs need to be displayed in a multitude of screen sizes. PEG's web designs are responsive to the growing number of screen sizes on the market.

The following designs are some examples of PEGs work:

Image of website design, ocean background, logo and introduction to AquaCore Fitness, with Donna Stoddard.

Website and Logo design for new business, AquaCore Fitness, with Donna Stoddard.

Image of website design, red, white and green.

This was a redesign for New Leaf Markets website, which was in need of help. Here it has a much cleaner look and is more functional than the original site.

Image of website design, Building Contractor, Doug Perkins, Let your Dream Home Come True .

Logo and Website design, created for Building Contractor, Doug Perkins, Perks Enterprise. Doug wanted to drive more clients to his business through a website. Completely optimized through the SEO process, he is able to get toward the head of the line on a Google search.

Can you use some help promoting your business?

A clearly designed logo or brand will create measurable results in public recognition. Take a look at a few examples of design possibilities ranging from elegant to comical or spiritual, for commercial or personal use... PEG comes up with the design for your intention.

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Penelope Gibbs


Random Images

The following photograph images were created by Penelope Gibbs, copyright© 2015. Contact PEG Graphics for permission to use.

Nicole blowing in the wind, holding onto hat, SF, CA. Nicole blowing in the wind near Golden Gate bridge, San Francisco, CA. Nicole holding hat in the wind near Golden Gate bridge, San Francisco, CA.

Nicole Gibbs-Hogan in the windy city, SF, CA. You might not want to wear a hat in San Francisco, CA.

Photo Sea Anemone, Santa Cruz, CA