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Miracles Happen in Adobe Photoshop

"The miracle is not that we do this work, but that we are happy to do it."
Mother Teresa

At PEG Graphics, we love Photoshop! PhotoGraphics is PEG's name for combining photography, graphic illustration and imagery using Adobe Photoshop as the main tool in arranging images to tell a story. Sometimes we want to display photographic images to clearly emphasize realism, while at others it is more appropriate, (and interesting), to solicit images that are better suited in artistic renderings of abstract or impressionistic nature. PEG's ability to render either, or a combination of both is what makes PEG Art so amazing.

The following images are some examples of Penelope's work in Photoshop, using original photographs and images. Feel free to browse by scrolling the images below for a quick look at some original artistic possibilities.

Welcome to Santa Cruz postcard image, with dolphins on the beach in big splash.

Above: Postcard image shows an inviting seascape of a white sand beach in Santa Cruz. It's very hard to find white sand in Santa Cruz, CA, but with Photoshop anything is possible. The design was created as a promotional advertisement for a travel agency.

Beer label designed for Santa Cruz Mountain Brewery depicting background of Santa Cruz and foreground mug with dolphins jumping.

Above: The same dolphins appear here in a label designed for the Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing Co. on a backdrop of the Santa Cruz coastline, enjoying a refreshing mug of ale. Original and creative labels are a sure bet to get recognized on any shelf. If your label stands out among the rest of the competing products, it is pretty certain you will catch the eye of prospective buyers. This is the first step in product recognition. Does your label stand out above the rest?

Fall colors, trees, fabric design, full blood moon, yellow brick road leading out to the wilderness.

Above: "Tapestry of Fall" The yellow brick road leads out into a fall colored wilderness, decked with geometric patterns. Where it goes, no one knows...

Spooky montage of Washington beach and large eye droplet looking at you.

Above: Eye See, Photoshop Design for a spooky book cover. The saturated Washington seascape was an appealing backdrop for the space creature to arrive in. The all seeing eye was created using 3-d features in Adobe Photoshop.

Signature Portraits and Montage

Montage of David at 13 years old, with images of interest (space curiosity, basketball, baseball). Montage of Jason at 13 years old, with images of interest (basketball, colorful balloons, SF, Sheldon, Steven Cury, history).

Above: Signature Portraits, designed especially for the purpose of expressing a time in the life of the individual portrayed, as a celebration of his life. This youth was involved in sports and was interested in the subject matter incorporated in the design. The composite arrangement of incorporated elements in these Signature Portraits are unique to each individual.

Montage using photographs of waterfalls in Hawaii, portrait, dried flowers and original drawing of sunflowers.

Above: Original Self Portrait Montage, incorporating photographs of waterfalls in Hawaii, a self portrait in black and white, repeated 3X, dried flowers, a small cityscape and original pencil drawings of sunflowers, put together to illustrate an in depth personal story.

Montage of group portrait and surrounding images of Wilder Ranch

Above: Image is created in Photoshop from a group photo and surrounding images of Wilder Ranch, Santa Cruz, CA. where the group was celebrating the dress of the era. The piece was used in a magazine article.

Photoshop images by Penelope Gibbs

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