Logo for PEG graphics, depicting woman looking into glass, labeled PEG Graphics.

Branding and Logo Designs By PEG

Logos Brand your Business Identity

Images say more about you, your product and your business than you can ever imagine.

Branding is what makes customers know where to come back to. Logo images stay in our minds long after the products disappear.

Think about big names, such as Coca Cola, McDonalds, or Nike... After the thrill is gone the image lives on and on... Reminding you of a brand you can trust, (or not). In order to develop your product, you want a simple, yet expressive symbol to represent you and your product identity.

The following illustrations are examples of what is possible at PEG Graphics. These branding images have been created in Adobe Illustrator, by Penelope Gibbs (PEG) in attempt to assist clients and viewers to understanding the intent and products involved.

Logos designed by Penelope Gibbs

Above: Examples of logo and/or branding images, designed by Penelope Gibbs, are displayed on a page for printed material. All images, done in Adobe Illustrator, depict simple graphics for branding purposes. These amazingly simple designs are also elegant and sophisticated enough to attract a wide audience.

Logo for STEAM Academy, designed by Penelope Gibbs

Above: STEAM Logo. STEAM is the educational movement toward Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math in the 21st century and has become the emphasis in leading schools today. The design was created to emphasize the teamwork involved and to show the powerful scientific element, creating the energy that runs the movement for this wonderful after school program. Created in Adobe Illustrator, by Penelope Gibbs. Click to reveal brochure in PDF.

Illustrated business card for plumbing contractor, designed by Penelope Gibbs

Above: Business card illustration, created in Adobe Illustrator, depicting the nature of the business in the original design of the image in a creative and dynamic presentation. This image can go far in its use in print as well as on the web as viewers are immediately drawn in by its content design.

Illustration of palm tree with butterfly on integrated text.

Above: This illustration was designed for a sign and logo for Palm Cafe, created in Adobe Illustrator.

Circle designed logo, with name of new product line, AquaCore.

Above: Illustration designed for logo branding on new line of products for Aqua Core Fitness, created in Adobe Illustrator by PEG.

Illustration with contractors initials DP, designed for building contractor's new business image logo.

Above: Illustration designed for building contractor's new business image logo.

Excel worksheet showing Perks Enterprise logo at top and house image at bottom and room for descriptive details for invoice.

Above: Invoice for Perks Enterprise showing logo at top and house at bottom with descriptive area for invoice details. Designed for the purpose of contractors invoice and job proposals.

Can you use some help promoting your business?

A clearly designed logo or brand will create measurable results in public recognition. Take a look at a few examples of design possibilities ranging from elegant to comical or spiritual, for commercial or personal use... PEG comes up with the design for your intention.

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