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Illustrations and Advertising Layout Designs by PEG

"You can design and create and build the most wonderful place in the world, but it takes people to make the dream a reality."
Walt Disney

Just as branding helps customers know where to come back to for your product, your advertisement shouldn't scare people off with bad jokes, annoying publicity and unappealing product promotion.

Unless you are only looking to sell or attract your product to a limited select few, you will need to be careful about how you approach a variety of people. Once your brand is off the ground, it is imperative to have tasteful designs supplant your image by employing creative features in advertisement that will attract the widest audience possible.

The following illustrations have been created in Adobe Illustrator, by Penelope Gibbs (PEG) in attempt to assist clients and viewers to understanding the intent and products involved. The images speak for themselves, however they are followed by a brief explanation of the process and/or use.

Illustration of trout on rocks, designed by Penelope Gibbs

Above: "Trout on the Rocks" This illustration was created in Adobe Illustrator to be used on web and for product promotion, packaging and marketing purposes in print.

Illustration for seed packet, designed by Penelope Gibbs

Above: "Penelo-Peas" This illustration shows the packaging material for the seed product and was created in Adobe Illustrator for marketing purposes.

Illustration of spoof product for Right Brain/Left Brain design, designed by Penelope Gibbs

Above: "Leight Brain" Illustration created in Adobe Illustrator, intricately designed by Penelope Gibbs, depicting a spoof product for Left Brain Right Brain activity, commonly used to describe a person's skill set. The scientific/mathematical mind, (left brain) and artistic, (right brained) mentality involved here for a balanced health. Not only good for your brain, but great for the heart function as well. Cleaver humor and classy design will get you far, when it comes to attracting a good audience.

Poster advertising image of Bargetto's mascot, black and white cat, dressed in black, white and red tuxedo, bow tie, and a red rose held in mouth, serving a glass of red wine.

Above: Poster advertising event at Bargetto's Winery, designed after label for one of their reserve wines, Tuxedo Red. Design inspired by the mascot cat, Tuxedo, by Penelope Gibbs.

Illustration of a craftsman style house, designed by Penelope Gibbs for the website of a general contractor.

Above: Graphic Illustration created for promotional purposes on business card, sign, and website header. Created entirely in Adobe Illustrator by Penelope Gibbs.

Illustration of Jethro Tull, designed by Penelope Gibbs

Above: "Jethro Tull—Animated" An Illustration for cd covers or other promotional designs can be made to order from original photographs manipulated to create abstract designs. Popular artwork for today's standards.

Fabric design, by Penelope Gibbs

Above: "Go Hawaiian" Fabric design swatches are displayed in various color options for fabric printing, specified by clients preferences.

Flyer/poster advertising a new schedule of classes in Pilates, by fitness instructor, Donna Stoddard, showing Donna using AquaCore prop with ocean background.

Above: "Flyer/Poster designed for advertising purposes, noting the new workout schedule of pilates courses taught by fitness instructor, Donna Stoddard.

Info Graphic design, describing prison population in USA, by Penelope Gibbs Info Graphic design, describing prison population in USA, by Penelope Gibbs

Above: Info-Graphics— 2 designs depicting prison populations. Graphics are often used in displaying information in order to emphasize ideas and perspectives. They are very effective in communicating difficult concepts to a variety of learners.

Illustration of map for directions to Seacliff Inn and Severino's Restaurant, designed by Penelope Gibbs

Illustrated map showing directions to Seacliff Inn in Aptos, CA. When designing a brochure or flyer for an event or business on location, it is important to display images with location spelled out clearly. A simple design as this will enhance communication and increase audience awareness.

Can you use some help promoting your business?

A clearly designed logo or brand will create measurable results in public recognition. Take a look at a few examples of design possibilities ranging from elegant to comical or spiritual, for commercial or personal use... PEG comes up with the design for your intention.

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