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What PEG Graphics Brings to You

Penelope Gibbs, graphics designer and web developer, strives to create the perfect rendering for a range of purpose and intent, providing the clients she represents a smooth experience throughout the process. Through creative and innovative skills, she will develop a visual representation of you and/or your company that you can be proud to display for years to come.

Coming from a background in art, photography and graphic design, pre-internet, Penelope returns once again to the world of art and design. After teaching primary school to a variety of learners, who she found responded extremely well to visual aids, Penelope has re-focused on art, which has been her passion since her own childhood. Now, PEG brings forth a fresh new perspective to her artwork and her teaching as well.

"I believe that practicing art has a healing and calming effect. In the practice of teaching, I have found that students of various backgrounds and learning styles respond very well to visual aids and enhancing basic curriculum with art lessons that facilitate learning. The closest thing to a universal language is art... The language of vision. Although we all have our own interpretation of what we see, we can relate to these issues with the freedom of artistic expression, so that anyone with vision can understand and where vision is a problem, words step in to explain the story." Penelope Gibbs

Goals and Objectives

"It is my goal to assist others in developing their creative potential, either by encouraging them in hands on artful experiences through various workshops, or by allowing them to have their visions come to life through my artwork and interpretations of their goals."

In the Classroom:

"Sadly, I have often gone into classrooms, filled with young students, who have already determined for themselves that they are not artists. This is especially tragic when teachers have determined this for themselves as well, as they unconsciously help determine this for their students in the process. Without the proper training on how to take artistic abilities to the next level, there can be no confidence in this area. By excluding art from the basic curriculum, we are suppressing our children's potential in the area of art. After all, we would never give a child a book and tell them to learn to read on their own. Neither should we expect children to automatically discover artistic potential."   Penelope Gibbs

With this in mind, PEG has designed workshops for various aged groups. Those who have never thought that they were able to create art, have been delighted with their abilities, once engaged in the relaxed atmosphere and encouraging support provided by Penelope and the awesome team at PEG Graphics.

PEG workshops are designed for children and/or teachers in the classroom, with the purpose of enhancing basic curriculum. Penelope is a credentialed teacher and has had great success in creating adaptive learning through the arts, as well as in computer technology. The most important goal in teaching is being able to develop a love of learning in each individual student, as they create masterpieces to remind them of lessons learned.

In Marketing

As a freelance designer, PEG will design your website, or printable matter, such as logos and branding, business cards, letter heads and other advertisements that promote product or business awareness. This is a crucial part of getting any small or medium sized business off the ground in the arena of the competitive, capitalistic market we currently thrive in.

PEG offers graphics communication skills to a wide variety of business professionals, who have come to understand the importance of visual presentation. PEG provides technological skills in Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator and DreamWeaver, as well as being able to develop websites through direct coding in HTML5 and CSS3, incorporating JavaScript, PERL and CGI scripts. Being able to address a variety issues in promoting business and product awareness, through the designs created in print and/or on the web is a primary goal of PEG Graphics.

If you are like most small and medium sized businesses, you probably don't have the time or personnel to develop marketing strategies and designs for advertisement yourself. PEG will adapt to and work with your team, on a temporary basis, to get your project off the ground and establish public recognition. If you want your product to stand out above the competition, you need marketing strategies and design capabilities to provide your products with tasteful representation. PEG offers an affordable compromise to hiring a permanent design team to promote your products.

Contact PEG for designing various promotions for your business and enabling your project to reach a greater audience with commercial advertisement and web designs unique for your business. Let your message about your product become clear and recognized as a dependable link for customers to identify with and to return to for repeat business.

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A clearly designed logo or brand will create measurable results in public recognition. Take a look at a few examples of design possibilities ranging from elegant to comical or spiritual, for commercial or personal use... PEG comes up with the design for your intention.

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A run along the shore of San Francisco Bay.

Nicole running Abby along the shore of San Francisco bay, CA.

Nicole running with Abby along the shore of San Francisco bay, CA.

Photo Sea Anemone, Santa Cruz, CA